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Construction Accessories

SDG offers a wide range of technologies for the construction industry. Our range of cutting edge products and over 30 years of industry experience ensure we provide:

  • Expertise in all areas related to reinforced concrete construction.
  • Comprehensive advice from our industry leading sales team.
  • Engineering advice and know how throughout the lifetime of your construction project
  • An unrivalled logistical network for on-time, fast and nationwide deliveries.
Starter Packs

View our complete range of Starter Packs in 12mm & 16mm rebar and Rebar connection couplers in straight and bent form.

Formwork Accessories

SDG stock a comprehensive range of accessories for formwork applications.

Expansion Joint Materials

Expansion joints are placed in concrete to prevent expansive cracks formed due to temperature change.

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Permanent formwork

Permanent formwork system designed for use in concrete structures.

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Safety Systems

Onsite safety is a at the foremost importance onsite. We stock Nevosafe, a unique rebar capping system.

Concrete Deck & Wall Spacers

We stock a full range of spacers in concrete, plastic & wire to suit all applications.


We stock a comprehensive range of construction accessories for all applications.

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Construction Grouts, Mortars and Release Agents

We supply a comprehensive range of specialist products for the civil engineering, precast and construction industries.

SCP Tanking Membranes

Developed for use as a high performance waterproofing membrane to provide a totally watertight barrier in below ground concrete construction, including basements, underground car parks and plant rooms

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Waterstop are an element of a concrete structure, intended to prevent the passages of fluids when embedded in and running continuously through concrete joints.

Concrete Testing Equipment

We stock a range of concrete testing equipment.

Formwork Solutions

We stock a range of recostal® formwork solutions including recostal® Speed Edge Formwork, recostal® Permanent Formwork System and Recostal Shuttering Strips.

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Masonry reinforcement

To avoid detrimental effects like masonry cracking and structural masonry problems, we offer various masonry reinforcement solutions and accessories.

Acoustic Impact Sound Insulation

At SDG we understand that an effective impact and footfall sound reduction helps improving quality of life, an efficient vibration isolation provides living comfort and good working atmosphere. We have a range of acoustic layers for under screed.

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