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For more than 40 years the name “Gumba” is a term for technical competence in the field of bridge bearing applications. Through the dedication of Gumba‘s employees it has become a well known trade mark in the world wide construction industry. SDG promote and supply the Gumba brand in Ireland and the UK

Our engineers support our customers, as well as design engineers, authorities and construction companies in both the theoretical and practical selection of the correct bridge bearing, providing a service beyond that of the design and manufacturing of elastomeric bearings.

The product range includes primarily deformation bearings, pot bearings and sperical bearings. We can manufacture bearing structures that can take vertical loads up to 20.000 kN and horizontal loads up to 2.000 kN, andwe are able to perform challenging bearing refurbishments in cooperation with partner companies.

Despite a growing internationalisation, the decision to manufacture our products only in Germany has been proven correct. “Made in Germany” is still recognised worldwide and appreciated for high quality products. Furthermore, this is an advantage when the customer requests tight delivery times.

Our product portfolio with emphasis on bridge bearings is broadened by the inclusion of expansion joints as part of the bridge equipment, with engine mountings and with fabrications for special applications.


Reinforced elastomeric bearings are made of a special rubber blend and are equipped with reinforcement steel sheets during the manufacturing process, the so called vulcanisation. The steel sheets provide the necessary stiffness.
Reinforced elastomeric bearings stand out through their low maintenance and durability. Besides that, some types can be used under certain conditions without any additional steel structure (restraining). The elastomeric part of the bearing is elastically deformable.

The deformation rate in vertical direction (deflection) under permanent load is calculable and stays constant. The influences of live loads are generally small and the additional temporary deflections caused by live loads are of a minor degree and will cause no problems for most structures.

  • Significant protection from thermal expansion of structural elements
  • Can withstand a wide array of movements
  • Low initial cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly durable and exhibit a long service life


Pot bearings have been used for may years and are a well proven bearing type. Through the combination of a non reinforced elastomeric bearing (natural rubber) in a steel housing, which is closed on all sides (pot), it is possible to transmit high vertical loads on a relative small area. The dimensions of the pot bearing depend on the permissible elastomer pressure as well as especially on the permissible concrete pressure.

Pot bearings are designed and manufactured according to EN 1337-5 and are labelled with the relevant CE marking.

  • Pot Bearings have negligible vertical deflection under load
  • Pot Bearings have uniform vertical deflection under load
  • Pot Bearings have high vertical and horizontal load capacity
  • Pot Bearings cause relatively low stress on the bearing seats


sdg case study

SDG worked with John Grahams and Doran Consulting.

SDG supplied Gumba Reinforced Elastomeric Bearings to meet the requirements of this project.

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