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SDG supplies a range of products that cover the spectrum of acoustic insulation and absorption.

Acoustic Absorption products are very light and porous materials, that, thanks to their technical characteristics, are able to absorb sound waves in reverberation, in order to correct internal acoustic problems, such as echo. The sound-absorbent materials must be exposed to the acoustic radiation in order to be effective

Acoustic Ceilings
Vogl Access Panels
Pre-Formed Bulk Head Board
Pre-Formed Special Elements
Acoustic Panels
Acoustic Foam
Under Screed Acoustics
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Acoustic Flooring & Wall Treatments

SDG work in partnership with Isomass Ltd. Together we are one of the UK and Ireland’s largest suppliers of acoustic floor, wall and ceiling systems for architectural and domestic projects.

Wood Panels
Acoustic Sound Barrier
Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic design ceilings are the most significant instrument in the acoustic design of a room. We work with market leader Vogl Deckensysteme GmbH in the supply of acoustic ceilings.

CASE STUDIES / CNP Santander Insurance, Hatch Street, Dublin

SDG worked with Todd’s Architects to create this unique jointing system of acoustic panels for Castle Ceilings in Dublin.

SDG were specified on this project by Todd’s Architects, Dublin. Due to the unique jointing system of the acoustic panels this was a huge advantage for the Architect in design and for install by Castle Ceilings.

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