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Acoustic Foam

Acoustic Foam is highly effective in terms of sound insulation and sound absorption. The sound absorbing element can be used in many different application areas which a choice of base material (available in different fire protection classes and colours) and different material thicknesses.

Outstanding acoustic properties

  • Attractive appearance with a convoluted surface
  • Conversion of sound into thermal energy based on open celled pore structure
  • Professional acoustic solution for various application areas
  • Creative design versatility through different formats, thicknesses and colours
  • Equally suitable for wall and floor assembly
  • Available with optional flame-retardant additive in different fire protection classes
  • Made of special acoustic foam that, compared to conventional foams within xenon tests, take a considerably longer time until showing colour changes, thus have superior light ageing properties
  • Free of mineral fibre
  • CFC-free
st patricks dungannon acoustics

SDG worked with Tracey Bros on bespoke panels for St Patrick's Academy.

As our knowledge of the impact of the correct acoustics in different environments grows it is no surprise that the education sector is one area where you can’t afford to be complacent.


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