Case Studies / York Street LIV Student Accommodation - Belfast
Project Summary

The LIV Student complex located in Belfast city centre next to the new University of Ulster development, will contain 576 rooms with en-suite facilities over the 11 stories, along with shared communal areas, retail units and ground floor car parking.

Ground works began on the £35.9m scheme back in July 2019 with enabling contractor J&S McKee. SDG also liaised closely with formwork contractor M.R. Concrete, to design and supply Recostal Starter Packs along with our range of concrete accessories.

LIV Student Accommodation with over 11 floors of Shearail® used to increase the shear resistance of a slab, and safety transfers the shear load from the slab to the column.

The Challenge

The weight of a concrete slab bearing onto a column, results in a concentrated load around the column connection which induces a shear stress. Punching shear failure is a brittle type failure which occurs at the flat-slab column junction, it results in the failure of reinforced concrete slabs subjected to high localised forces.

Max Frank Shearail® increases the shear resistance of a slab, and safety transfers the shear load from the slab to the column. Shearail® is EC2 and BS 8110 compliant, enabling site work to be carried out far more effectively than traditional loose links. As a pre-fabricated system, Shearail® is designed to increase construction speed, improve build quality and reduce dependency on skilled labour – significantly reducing on-site costs.

The Results
  • Straight-forward design using Max Frank Shearail® software. Design higher loads in slimmer slabs.
  • Enhanced punching shear resistance, and anchorage conditions
  • Save in labour costs due to fast installation times
  • Improved anchorage conditions improve the structural performance
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