The Guinness Enterprise Centre is a non-profit leading shared working space, focused on becoming one of Europe’s greatest super-entrepreneurial hubs. To fulfil this vision, the Guinness Enterprise Centre is embarking on a major €10 million expansion which will almost double centre capacity.

The GEC will add an additional two floors on top of the building, which will allow for the creation of up to 1500 jobs to be created over the next 5 years as a direct result of the redevelopment.


The complexity of the project was huge, as the building would have its roof completely removed to allow the work to commence on erecting steel for the additional two floors.

One of the main complexities was that the building would be occupied during redevelopment, and that the concrete roof slab would be exposed throughout the project until the new structure achieved water tightness – hence it was imperative that this system performed as expected.


Main Contractor Flynn contacted SDG requesting a specialist proposal for a temporary waterproofing system which would:

  • Ensure water tightness over the coming months
  • Allow for foot traffic on top of the system as work progresses
  • Allow for easy repair should mechanical damage occur
  • Allow for seamless installation, without the use of solvent-based products in a closed space

SDG coordinated closely with Koster UK to develop an innovative system build up that would surpass the client’s requirements and expectations.

We proposed the use of Koster NB1 Grey as the main waterproofing product, along with Koster MS Flex Foil for sealing complex details such as sealing around timber structures protecting cables. Koster NB1 is a crystalline cementitious migratory slurry, when once applied mechanically fuses to the substrate, forming a watertight barrier. Once cured, the NB1 offers a compressive strength of 35 N/mm², along with a flexural strength in excess of 10 N/mm². This allowed the product to withstand foot traffic within just two days and offer a safe surface to walk on due to its non-slip finish.


SDG liaised with experienced installer Advanced Flooring Systems to apply the system to specification.

AFS were successfully awarded the contract for the application of the temporary waterproofing system.

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