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Dual Seal

Dual Seal is a high performance self swelling, self healing waterproofing membrane comprising of a thick, tough, high density polyethylene sheet laminated to 4kg/m2 of quality Bentonite granules. The Bentonite used in the manufacture of Dual Seal is capable of repeated cycles of wetting and drying without deterioration of its sealing properties and has a life expectancy measured in thousands of years (BBA Certified). It has WRAS approval for use with potable water.

Sizes Available:
Dual Seal 1.22Mtr x 7.32Mtr Roll

Dual Seal waterproofing membrane has been specifically developed for use as a high performance waterproofing membrane to provide a totally watertight barrier in below ground concrete construction, including basements, underground car parks, plant rooms, access tunnels etc. Dual Seal Membrane can be installed in damp conditions and is, therefore, particularly suitable for use as a roof waterproofing system for earth covered potable water reservoirs.


  • Provides a totally watertight barrier which is 10 times greater than concrete
  • Resistance to Hydrostatic head of water of 46m
  • Can be applied immediately shutters are struck to wet surface/green concrete
  • Can be installed in damp conditions
  • Prevents tracking of water between membrane and concrete surfaces
  • Surface does not require priming
  • Installation temperature -30°C to +50°C
  • Easily installed by non-skilled operatives
  • Non-toxic
  • Eliminates need for separate protection board
  • Does not require welding
  • In excess of 5,000,000m2 successfully installed worldwide
  • U.K. Water Fitting Byelaws Scheme Listed for use with potable water.

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